Extended Warranty


Brightside Extended Warranty for whatever happens.


A lot can happen to your appliances, electrical and mobile products.


Our Extended Warranty provides you with up to 4 years extra protection after your manufacturer’s warranty expires. You’ll enjoy the extra benefits of unlimited repairs, surge protection and wear and tear. Plus, our Extended Warranty is valid anywhere in the world. Brightside Extended Warranty is designed to protect you for when the unexpected happens, so you can always look on the bright side.


Brightside Extended Warranty Cover* includes:


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Surge protection

We have a safeguard in place for when your product suffers greatly from electrical interference.

Wear and tear

All products can be affected by wear and tear. But don’t worry, you’re covered.

No lemon guarantee

If you’re unlucky enough to have three failures of the same component and a fourth occurs, relax. We’ll simply replace it.

Fully transferable

This is a real bonus. You can increase the value of your gift or sale by transferring your cover to the new owner.

Food spoilage

Here’s a fresh idea. If your fridge or freezer loses its cool, we’ll replace all your food.

Laundry care

If your clothes are messed up by the washing machine or dryer, we’ll cover the cleaning.

Worldwide coverage (up to €150)

It doesn’t matter where you travel in the world, we’ve got you covered.


If your purchase costs under $500 and suddenly stops functioning, there’s no fuss. We simply replace it. If we don’t return your product within 21 days, we will replace it.

Purchasing Extended Warranty

1. Select your product and extended warranty term in store

2. Pay for your product and cover at the cashier 

3. Cover confirmation and T&Cs will be emailed to you


Making a claim

  1. Have a copy of your purchase receipt handy 

  2. Call Our Brightside Cover team on 0800 274 448
    Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm (excluding public holidays).

3. One of Our friendly team will verify your details and assist you with your claim.


*See product terms and conditions for details.

Brightside Brochure

Brightside Extended Warranty Product Cover is provided by the selling retailer of the product and is administered by Brightside Co (NZ) Limited trading as Brightside Cover NZ, Business Number 9429041844151, a leader in warranty services.

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