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Our products are sourced from overseas with markets featuring a much greater economy of scale. By sourcing the products cheaply and cutting out local wholesalers, we can offer you better prices.

Some items are sourced from within New Zealand where we have not been able to source from overseas, and even then our prices are competitive due to our buying power.

What is parallel Importing?

As defined on Wikipedia "A parallel import is a non-counterfeit product imported from another country without the permission of the intellectual property owner."

This simply means we directly import genuine products from suppliers overseas. Many of our suppliers are the same as those used by larger companies in NZ, we just cut out the middle man then pass the savings on to you.

Is Parallel Importing Legal?

Parallel Importing has been legal in New Zealand since 1998. Parallel Imported was one of the first parallel importers in NZ and is still the largest.

Are Your Products Genuine?

Absolutely! All of our stock is 100% genuine, 100% legitimate. All of our items are new and unused and usually come with all of the features and build quality of locally sourced, but more expensive items. If there is a specific feature you are after, please ensure you ask our staff before purchasing the product in store or online as some features may not be supported by New Zealand network providers.

We've built our business on providing genuine brands at great prices with the guarantees you would expect. Thousands of delighted, loyal customers have experienced the Parallel Imported difference.

Let's see what Wikipedia has to say about it: