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Irix Lens 15mm F/2.4 Firefly

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Irix Lens 15mm F/2.4 Firefly

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Irix 15mm f/2.4 — Most versatile wideangle lens on the market! It doesn’t matter if you are a professional photographer looking for a lens for your next job, or an amateur looking to expand your focal range – the Irix 15mm f/2.4 is a right choice for every landscape photographer! The Irix 15mm f/2.4 lens is an ultra wide-angle lens created for your full frame (35mm) camera. This lens will allow you to open up to a completely new type of photography – thanks to the 110-degree field of view you will be able to capture eye-catching images, and the excellent optical properties will make the image sharp and full of details. Get yours from Parallel Imported today!


Compatible with filters
What makes the Irix 15mm f/2.4 lens unique is the possibility of using both classic 95mm screw-on filters, as well as square filters, thanks to the Irix Edge IFH-100 holder! It allows you to expand your camera’s capabilities thanks to Gradual Neutral Density filters with different gradients: Soft, Hard and Reverse. By cutting off part of the light from the brightest part of the image, you can shoot even in the most difficult lighting conditions.

Perfect for night photography
Night photography is not only interesting but also highly rewarding – it allows you to easily create eye-catching images, if you have the right lens. The Irix 15mm f/2.4 is an irreplaceable tool for any astrophotographer – its fast aperture of f/2.4, combined with a short focal length allows you to capture spectacular shots of the night sky and the Milky Way. The night is yours!

Ready for Any Conditions
It doesn’t matter if you’re traversing the hot sands of the Sahara or the frigid expanse of Antarctica – Irix lenses never back down from any challenge.
The sealing system has been designed to protect the inside of the lens from moisture, dust, and sand. Equally important, the lens does not change its dimensions during focus pulling, eliminating the risk of dirt particles getting swept into the internal structure. These properties not only allow you to work in demanding conditions, but also guarantee the cleanliness of the camera’s mirror chamber sensor.

Optics that guarantee sharp images
Creativity, ideas, and effort put into a photograph would be nothing without the right lens. Thanks to many years of experience in optical design, Irix lenses are characterized by their excellent resolution and minimal distortion (2%) and vignetting. The Irix 15mm f/2.4 lens consists of as many as 15 elements arranged in 11 groups: 4 refractive elements, 2 ED elements and 3 aspherical elements. The focusing distance is only 28cm which, in combination with the f/2.4 light and 9 rounded aperture blades, make the lens stand out with extremely smooth bokeh with an amazing perspective. You compose the frame – we will take care of the rest!

Firefly Lens
Lightweight composite construction, with an embossed rubber focus ring, allowing for smooth and precise focusing. Included with the lens is a soft pouch.

Intelligent Lens Design
The Irix 15mm f/2.4 lens has a module that allows you to control the lens’ iris directly from the camera, thanks to which popular semi-automatic modes (PASM) and data recording in EXIF format are available. The use of electronics also enable the lens to be equipped with a focus confirmation system – the camera will announce the correct focus setting (either in the form of an icon in the viewfinder or with a sound), every time you set the focus correctly – it’s easy and convenient!

1 Year New Zealand Warranty
Irix Lens 15mm F/2.4 Firefly
Irix Lens 15mm F/2.4 Firefly

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