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Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Bluetooth Speaker

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Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Bluetooth Speaker

(You save $244.00 )
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Indulge in the rhythmic beats of your music with the Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM Bluetooth Speaker. A perfect companion for lively gatherings and special occasions, this speaker enhances your audio experience with unmatched booming sounds and epic bass. Engineered with a smart adaptive EQ, the HYPERBOOM seamlessly harmonizes with any setting, whether it's your room, rooftop, or patio – delivering a comprehensive audio feast! 

Key Features 

Powerful Audio Experience:

Lose yourself in your favorite tunes as the Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM Speaker delivers an extraordinary sonic experience. Tailor-made for lively gatherings, this device emanates massive sound and rich bass that will undoubtedly leave you captivated. 

Dynamic Range:

Precision woofers, expansive passive radiators, and soft-dome tweeters come together in the HYPERBOOM to maintain a balanced and accurate audio profile. Now, revel in high-fidelity listening with your preferred content. 

Smart EQ:

Featuring an integrated microphone and adaptive EQ functionality, the HYPERBOOM ensures an optimal audio experience tailored to your environment. Take control manually through its supported app, allowing you to fine-tune the EQ to your liking. 

Long-lasting Battery:

Keep the party alive all day with the Ultimate Ears Speaker boasting an impressive battery life of up to 24 hours*. For uninterrupted listening, simply plug it in and let the music flow. 

Robust Build:

Accidental spills are no cause for concern! The HYPERBOOM Speaker comes with an IPX4 rating, guaranteeing reliable protection against casual water splashes**. 

Iconic Design:

With a sleek silhouette and distinctive two-tone fabric, the Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM seamlessly complements any setting. The addition of a pull-out strap ensures easy portability. 

Convenient Controls:

Built-in buttons grant you instant control over your music without reaching for your phone constantly. Create one-touch playlists from popular streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Deezer Premium***. 

Companion App:

Maximize your speaker's potential by downloading the BOOM app on your mobile device. Access features such as PartyUp, Customizable EQ, Remote On/Off, and more for a tailored experience. 

Seamless Connectivity:

Integrated with two Bluetooth connections (4.2 and 5.0), this Ultimate Ears Speaker allows you to pair multiple devices simultaneously. Furthermore, connect additional gadgets through its auxiliary and optical input. 

Handy Port:

Running low on battery? Utilize the HYPERBOOM to charge your smartphone by simply opening its weather door and plugging in your device via the USB port. 

What's in the Box:

Your package includes 1x Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM Speaker, 1x Power Adaptor, and 1x Quick Start Guide. Elevate your auditory experience with the Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM – where immersive sound meets unparalleled convenience. 


How to Connect Hyperboom to TV: 

To connect your Hyperboom to your TV, you can use either Bluetooth or the auxiliary (3.5mm) or optical input. If your TV supports Bluetooth, simply enable it, put your Hyperboom in pairing mode, and connect the two devices. Alternatively, use the cables for a wired connection through the auxiliary or optical input. 

How to Pair Hyperboom: 

Pairing your Hyperboom is a breeze. Ensure the speaker is turned on, activate Bluetooth on your device, and search for available devices. When you see "Hyperboom" in the list, select it to establish a connection. Some devices may require a PIN, which is typically provided in the speaker's manual. 

How to Connect to Hyperboom: 

Connecting to Hyperboom is straightforward. Activate the Bluetooth feature on your device, locate "Hyperboom" in the available devices list, and establish a connection. For wired connections, use the provided cables to connect via the auxiliary (3.5mm) or optical input. 

How Many Watts is Hyperboom: 

The Hyperboom boasts a powerful sound output, reaching up to 229 watts. This ensures an immersive audio experience, making it an ideal choice for various settings, from parties to casual listening. Refer to the product specifications or manual for the precise wattage details.

Product Code: PID23635a
1 Year New Zealand Warranty
Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Bluetooth Speaker
Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Bluetooth Speaker
Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Bluetooth Speaker

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